Idletante’s Crusade Against God Knows What.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Idletante. I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t. Because that means you’re healthy, and not stalking random people on the internet. 

Recently Idletante developed something akin to an infatuation with polarizing figure Eron Gjoni, and apparently just can’t stop talking to or about him. Commenters have described her 140 character rants as “policing the behavior of abuse victims” and “racist about fellatio.” 

Twitter user Idletante appears to be a strong supporter of Zoe Quinn, who has risen to fame on a platform espousing the virtues of unflinching honesty, supporting the mentally ill, getting women into games, and the importance of enthusiastic consent. 

If you were to ask Idletante which of Quinn’s actions she was most impressed by, she would likely list things like: 

  • That time Quinn completely destroyed a group trying to get women into games because Quinn couldn’t be bothered to read the FAQ. 
  • That time she admitted to having unprotected sex with her significant other without his informed consent. After cheating on him with like 5 people. 
  • That time Quinn demanded her SO ostracize a friend with PTSD and Crohn’s disease who had just lost her job and had no health insurance, because Quinn decided that friend was going to seduce him. 
  • That time Quinn explicitly stated she was a compulsive liar.

These are all noteworthy accomplishments, and Idletante is definitely supporting the right person here. Her obsession with Eron Gjoni, though sweet, seems to be due to a fundamental inability to understand why the hell anyone would think people should be warned that these kinds of assholes are manipulating their lovers/coworkers (they’re usually one and the same), and hypocritically taking advantage of the ideologies of their fans for personal gain. 

Idletante once saw a truck about to hit a pedestrian. A fellow samaritan warned the pedestrian of the truck, and the pedestrian was able to get away right in the knick of time. Idletante then proceeded to chastise the samaritan for days on end for harassing that poor truck driver. 



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